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The process of translating divorce certificates is similar to other types of documents. However, it requires extra care when you require translation fast. To ensure precision and speedy delivery, you need to find an experienced and reliable translation company with a solid track record that can provide you with a divorce certificate-certified translation for a reasonable price with a speedy turnaround time.

Here at Fort Lauderdale Traductor, our divorce certificate translation services are recognized for their speedy turnaround times with accuracy and reliability, as well as guaranteed acceptance by authorities. In the past seven years, our team of experienced translators has translated hundreds of divorce certificates from various nations in more than 120 languages.

When Certified Divorce Certificate Translation is Required?

Travel Requirements

To arrange visa and passport matters, you must need certified translation of divorce certificate.

Burial and Cremation

Sometime you might need divorce certificate certified translation to perform funeral and cremation.

Financial and Legal Matters

A certified divorce certificate translation is required for legal and to take probate decisions.

Assets and Property

Transferring property or registration of automobiles or other assets do require certified divorce certificate.

Certified Translation of Divorce Certificate

The document is sign by a translator or an agent of an accredited translation service that ensures that the record is accurate and complete and precisely as an original copy. To prevent rejection, it is essential to include your original document and the translation that has been certified by the divorce certificate.

Divorce certificate translation in fort lauderdale


Effortless Process

Scan and email your documents at the address given below or take a photo and send it as an attachment on Whatsapp. We need the language pairs and you are done. Our work starts now!

Consultation is free and we have the most competitive rates in the market for translations and interpreter services. Our price ranges between $0.06-$0.12 per word depending on language, field and type of documents.  Our clients can reach out to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our website to get official document translation services. We do provide certified translation services online so you don’t need to visit us. Contact us for a free evaluation of your translating/interpreting needs.

Quick Turnaround Time

We try our best to meet out deadlines but we never make false promises.  Most of the translation having less than 4 pages are completed 1-2 business days. However the actual timeframe will be given after reviewing the documents. 

What You Will Get From Us

Electronic Version

The official translation will be email to you within 24 hours.

Physical Version

It can take a while to mail. As a result, we will send the original, signed copy of your divorce certificate that we have here to the address that you gave us.

Top Class Services

When you use our 24/7 service, you can rest assured that you'll receive the most precise translation possible, one that will be accept without question.

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