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If you’re foreign national planning to continue your studies in the US soon, you’ll have to meet specific requirements for admission. The most crucial element in this process will be your academic documents like diplomas, transcripts, and degrees. If they’re not in English, you must employ an expert diploma translation service to translate your documents accurately.

If, for instance, you’re off or from the Dominican Republic and your diploma is written in Spanish, the certificate will not be recognized in the US in the Spanish language. It needs to translate into Spanish into English by an experienced translator who has performed Spanish graduation diploma translation in previous years. It is not that universities and colleges require documentation in English; however, they do not translate them themselves. This must be done by students applying to the specific course.

At Versatile Languages, We’ve provided top-quality foreign diploma translation services for the past seven years. This diploma translation service offers you the flexibility and time to complete the admissions checklist supplied by your school or university. We can efficiently translate high school diplomas into English quickly and with quick turnaround and also certify or notarize the documents.

Our high School Diploma Translation

high school diploma translation services in fort lauderdale

Certified Diploma Translation is Fort Lauderdale

A certified translation is a certificate sign by a translator or an authorized representative from an accredited translation company that guarantees that the document translated is correct, complete, and identical to it was in the original. Translations are stamped or sealed, and a translation certificate is attached. It is essential to employ an experienced professional translator or a document translation service to ensure your documents don’t get refuse by any authorities to send them to.

How do I Request Translation?





Degree Translation

Within a turnaround that is 24 hours, we can translate any foreign document into English. Notarization can be request if the authorities require it.

Diploma Translation

Versatile Languages can provide certified translation of diplomas into more than 120 languages. They are recognize by all institutions nationwide.

Transcripts Translation

The process of formatting transcripts can be a challenge. However, at Versatile Languages, our team of experts can format transcripts without extra cost.

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